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Navigating a Successful Retirement Journey

Our Services

At Protecting Your Retirement we understand that no two retirement journeys are the same. That is why we work with you to customize a retirement plan that meets your goals for the income you will need or want during your retirement.


  • We never charge fees.
  • We never require you to have a minimum amount of assets.
  • We never lose sight of the fact that it is YOUR money.



At Protecting Your Retirement we can help you take control of your retirement assets as well as your current and future financial choices.


Retirement Income Solutions

We will provide a guaranteed retirement income strategy, which incorporates insurance and annuity choices to create opportunities for long-term growth as well as guarantee income throughout your retirement.



We understand that investing is an important aspect of your portfolio. We can help you discover financial choices that help make up for previous losses and put you on the right track to accumulating wealth.



With the lack of security in the market, we will provide financial strategies to include some secured income products to help diversify your retirement assets. We will show you a variety of vehicles that will help you meet your retirement income goals.



We specialize in tax minimization planning and will help you find the best choices and procedures to reduce your taxes during and after you retire.



We offer life insurance policies to fit your needs. Call Protecting Your Retirement today to learn about ways to secure your financial future for you and your family.


Attorney Referrals

We can refer you to a professional who can prepare wills, establish trusts, and provide other strategies to protect your assets and insure your wishes are implemented.



We can guide you in making charitable gifts in ways that save income tax during your lifetime as well as for your heirs.



We can help you develop a plan to help with the expenses of Long Term Care should the need arise. We consider multiple ways to cover those needs.


People who come to Protecting Your Retirement represent a wide variety of wealth and stations in life. Many have been recommended by friends or family.

  • Some people are still working in their careers with no specific timetable to retire but want to ensure that when they do retire that their income will last for all their retirement years.
  • Some of our clients came to us already retired but seeking better ways to grow, protect and use the assets and income they have accumulated. Many of these are working part time in retirement for the fun of it or to enhance their income.
  • We see young clients who are working on the start of their careers and want help establishing good savings and investing habits mostly in addition to contributing to their employer sponsored plans.
  • And we meet clients on a regular basis that have been presented with offers to retire, usually earlier than planned and with some form of incentive to leave work. The incentives include severance pay, choices of a lump sum instead of the company pension plan and frequently assistance with health insurance. At Protecting Your Retirement, we are the experts in helping persons with these offers decide what to do and how best to take control of funds that used to be controlled and managed by the employers chosen managers. We are very familiar with the process to rollover funds with a minimum of delay and minimal effort by you.


Most of our new clients have a focus on ensuring that their retirement nest egg can grow and then will last all their lives with adequate income to fulfill their needs and some of their desires. 

Other clients are comfortable with the amount of guaranteed income that they have and come wanting help growing their assets and planning their legacy.

Some of our clients are concerned that the possibility of needing expensive long term care services will deplete both their income and assets.

Whatever your current situation and whatever your financial goals in retirement are we can help you attain those goals.


First and foremost, we know from experience that “A good plan always beats a best guess.”

We also know that one plan does not fit for all clients and so we prepare custom plans so that your plan works hand in hand with your assets and income.

With Protecting Your Retirement on your side, you will never be advised to make financial choices that involve stock market risk with those assets or income that you need in retirement.

At Protecting Your Retirement, we never charge fees. We get paid by large life insurance companies and our commissions are never subtracted from the money you place with those companies. 100% of your money goes to work for you. 

When you see our recommendations for your safe financial choices those recommendations will be illustrated only at the rates and features that are guaranteed by the insurance companies that issue contracts. We do not use hypothetical projections, assumptions  of market behavior  based on indexes or products that have only recently been created and we never show past performance of any product over a short period of time that only includes good results. 

In simple terms, we hate assumptions, we hate to see financial “managers” quoting as gospel that “the markets always recover” or bragging about their performance in recent years when most “managers” haven’t even performed as well as unmanaged indexes like the S & P 500.

With Protecting Your Retirement, you will achieve your goals using sound principles and financial choices guaranteed to perform as illustrated.


Whatever your wealth, whatever your income, whatever your stage in life; We will never forget that it is YOUR money and your retirement that we are helping with.

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